Welcome to Midnight.

2015 has never happened before. What will you do with it?


Any of you that are supporters of TWLOHA, know that this time each year for the past few years they have published and republished a blog entitled Welcome to Midnight.

My goal with using the same title is to not copy or try and outdo what they have written, but to add to the conversation and spark it in those of you that maybe aren’t familiar with it.
Feel free to join in the conversation using #WelcomeToMidnight

In two days, people will gather and wait. They will wait for the ball to drop. They will wait for confetti. They will wait for midnight.

The ball drops and the calendar rolls over. And we begin anew.

We leave behind the pain of the previous year.
The hurt.
The grief.
The brokenness.

We long for a fresh start.
What will you do with yours?

Will you make the amends that you’ve put off?
Will you fight for the things and the people that matter to you?
What will you be moved by?
What will you let break you in a holy way?

Will you forgive others?
Will you forgive yourself?

Will you fight for your recovery?
For your story?
For those around you?

2015 has never happened before.
What will you do with it?

The possibilities are endless.

If there is breath in your lungs, then you still have a purpose to fulfill.

Find what moves you and fight for it.
Your story matters and it is far from being over.

I hope that you can find the peace that comes with starting fresh.
You were made for these moments.

Here’s to a year of laughing and loving.
Of new beginnings and renewed hope.

Here’s to a year of endless possibilities.

Welcome to Midnight.

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