Weekend Getaways.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey of recovery, it’s that sometimes you need to just get away for a bit and recharge. Recovery isn’t easy. After awhile, it can start to weigh down on you. And after being on this road for two years now, there are still days that it gets extremely tiring.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend it with some of my favorite people in Houston.

It’s roughly an eight hour drive from Muskogee to Houston, so you can imagine the amount of boredom that may come up on a trip of that length. But if you’ve ever met these people, you’d know that’s nearly impossible. There was plenty of laughter both on the way down and on the way back, even though it took us a lot longer to get home because of the terrible weather we encountered.

Most of us are interns together, so we know each other fairly well. But it’s on trips like these that you get to see a different side of people, and let me tell you, these people are some of the best.

I’m truly blessed to have some incredible people in my life. The nine people that I traveled with are some of those incredible ones.

I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine. And this weekend there was plenty to go around.

There was also plenty of Jesus.

The crusade we went to was absolutely incredible. Jesus Culture led worship and talk about amazing. We also watched as hundreds of people accepted Jesus for the first time and if that doesn’t give you goosebumps when you experience something like that, I’m not sure what will.

Recovery is hard. It’s nice to take some time off and not focus so hard on it. Moments of relaxation with the people who mean the most to you are the best ways to recharge.

I’m so honored to be able to do life with these people. And I’m infinitely blessed to call each of them friends.

Life is better when it’s done together.


Just Breathe.

Being the Hope Line moderator for Project Semicolon, I talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. Sometimes people are texting in just to say hi, but more often than not it’s to ask for advice or inspiration.

And sometimes, we hit a lot of brick walls in our conversations.
Sometimes, I get really frustrated because I’ve learned that people are often reluctant to hear the hard truths that they need to.

And I can’t imagine the pain and frustration they are going through. And I would never want to diminish what they are going through. Because what they are going through is important. It’s important because they are important.

And the most important phrase I have in my go to bag of advice is to just breathe.

Things aren’t going to get better unless we take the time to just breathe.
We are more than these moments. You are more than the moments that are weighing down on you.

I encourage you to take a moment to just breathe.
You are worth happiness and health.
Own those words.

Just breathe.