Dear Dad – Happy Birthday.

It’s been a long almost fifteen years since you were last on this earth. Fifteen years of trying to figure out what a life without you looks like. And I’ll be honest, at 28 years old, I still haven’t figured it out. What should have been nothing more than a routine hospital stay, turned into the last place you would ever be. And what would have been a lifetime of plans to share with you, became dreams that would never quite come true – at least not in this world.

But I know that where you are now is so much better than where you were. Dancing on those streets of gold with Jesus. How could I even remotely be upset that you are continuously surrounded by his glory?

But I’ll be honest, birthdays and holidays just aren’t the same for me anymore. Yes, I have the absolute best people in my life, most of whom you would probably like more than me, hah, but it’s just not the same. Holiday traditions just aren’t the same anymore and being the last person in our family with our last name is bittersweet at best.

I will always be thankful for that time that we shared. I’m so glad that God chose you to be my dad. You taught me so much and I’ll keep those things with me for always. I hope that you’re proud of who I am and who I’m still becoming. I know that when we meet again, it will be better than anything.

So happy birthday Dad. I know that this will be the best one yet, because how could it not be when you spend it with Jesus! I’ll miss you forever and love you for always.


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