M1A Students Seniors: Here’s to You.

Once again graduation season is among us and like in any youth ministry, we have a handful of seniors that are graduating or have already graduated.

And while they aren’t kids anymore, they all have a very special place in this heart of mine. Six in particular who I have counted it an honor to do life with and watch them grow.

So Gabi, Kelsey, Peyton, Michael, Paul, and Grant, this post is for you. I’m so incredibly proud of each and every one of you and can’t wait to see you change this world.

This life will surely offer you it’s fair share of good and bad. Easy choices and difficult ones. For some of you, you’re moving off and will be living independently for the first time. And while that comes with a lot of positives, it also opens the door for negatives. I challenge each of you, whether you’re two hours away or 20 minutes away, to strive for greatness. Because you are greatness. Your steps have been ordained and your lives have a unique purpose that only you can play. And we need you. This world needs you.

I challenge you to do good. This world can be a dark place at times. You are the light that will break through those dark moments. You are world changers. You will move mountains. Be radiant. Be the hopeful. And throw that hope around like confetti.

You were made to know and be known. To love and be loved. So love fiercely dear ones. Even when that love isn’t returned, love anyways.

When everything in this world screams for you to give up, keep your eyes focused upward and know that you have a family with M1A Students that is cheering you on.

Some of you I’ve only known for a short time. Others I’ve known your entire high school career. Regardless of which category you find yourself in, know that I am so unbelievably and infinitely proud of each of you.  This world is a better place because of each of you. Our lives are better because of each of you.

As you look back on this closing chapter, I hope you look at it with a sense of victory and accomplishment. And as you look ahead to this new chapter that you have begun to write in, I hope you look at it with excitement, wonder, and anticipation. And on the days that you feel like you can’t write anything, know that we are here for this new journey with you.

Congratulations you guys. Here’s to the beautiful road ahead. I love you always.


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