Chapters End; But the Story Still Continues

This past Sunday I had my last practice with our student band as their worship leader and tomorrow will be my last night as their leader. And let me tell you, what an honor it has been leading these incredible students. I’m so proud of them and can’t wait to see how they continue grow as leaders.

We started two years ago with a team of six, with four of them still part of the team today. It was rough. None of us had any idea how to be a functioning worship team and I certainly didn’t have any idea how to lead them. It was a lot of trial and error. Emphasis on the error part. We played one song a week and then played worship videos. And there were times that we all cringed. At one point, I even wondered to myself if it was even worth it.

But then last August, we got this new fire. And from there, things grew and changed like they never had before. All of a sudden things were starting to click and fall into place. And before I knew it, our team of six, that had dropped to a team of five, was soon a team of eight, and now we sit with a team of ten students.

Ten students who are so hungry for Jesus and to pursue Him. Ten students who challenge me to be a better leader. Ten students who have written very special places in my heart.

It hit us on Sunday that this week could possibly be the last time that things are this way. As I step down, and a new leader steps forward, there is no doubt that changes will take place and things won’t be done the same way I’ve done it. And that’s okay. I assured them that I believed in them and that I believed that they were more than capable of seeing this transition through.

This chapter is ending, but the story is still being written.

I will forever hold these memories close to me. These two years as their worship leader have been some of the most challenging but rewarding years of my life. I’m thankful for every lesson they’ve taught me and I hope that I was able to teach them something along the way.

So to my Milk at Midnight babies, I love you all so so much. The ten of you will forever be known by that to me, even though some of you have come in toward the latter end of our time together. Thank you for the honor of leading you these past two years. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. And thank you so much for being a part of mine. I’m so excited to watch you all continue to grow and become the incredible people that you are already becoming.

Now, don’t think you’re getting rid of me. You definitely aren’t. I’ll be the one checking you guys in every week at the door. You will always have a place in my heart and an ear to listen.

I love you always.


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