Summer Breeze.

One of my favorite things about summer is that the evenings are so beautiful. That small moment right before dusk. Where the fireflies start to glitter against the deep purple sky and the breeze begins to softly make it’s way through the trees.

So much beauty.
So much simplicity.
And in those moments come a subtle newness.

Change can come in full force, guns blazing, and catch you completely off guard. But sometimes it comes in the smaller moments and build.
I think in those moments we find out just how willing we are to go with the flow.

It’s in these moments that I’ve had to see how willing I was to go with the flow.

Change isn’t always easy. But it’s necessary.

And in this season of change for me, I couldn’t be more excited. Stepping out of one area and into a new one is something that I think I’ve needed for awhile. And while there will surely be some bumps along the way, I know that the things to come are far better than the things that were.

Subtle changes I think are the easiest ones around. Where you gradually step back from one and into another, preparing those along the way. Knowing that they are just as ready as I am and knowing that they will shine so bright in this next chapter.

Summer is full of beauty, even in the smallest things.
Change is also full of beauty, even in the little things.

May we all take the time to be refined this summer and ready to sparkle in the newness we’ve found come fall.


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