An Open Letter to Summer 2013

You may be wondering why I’m writing an open letter to a summer long past. Why this summer that’s a distant memory for most people, is still so fresh for me.

The answer is simple. That’s the summer that I learned to trust people again and learned that being honest about my struggles to the people God placed in my life.

Summer 2013, thank you for your endless memories and lessons that you taught me. You showed me that there was an incredible amount of strength that lays within me. You showed me that being honest about the days of struggle is okay.

You blessed me with the most incredible friends and experiences, all of which will stay with me forever.

You taught me that struggling just meant that progress was being made and that failure is not final. You showed me the voice that I had that was just waiting to be released.

But most importantly, you taught me that people truly need other people and that keeping people at an arms length isn’t how to live life.

You showed me grace. You showed me mercy. You showed me victory. You showed me setbacks. You showed me renewal. You showed me life change.

I’m thankful for the memories that you left with me those few months you were here. You were one for the record books and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Thank you.

Until next time,


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