Last week was without a doubt the busiest week I’ve had in awhile. After spending the first part of the week at 20 Camp, I finished it off by visiting Chicago for the first time. And let me tell you something, I had never been happier to just rest when I finally got home.

Chicago was filled with a lot of opportunities to check things off my bucketlist and I certainly took advantage of it.

I became a board member for the non profit I work for.
I rode the subway for the first time.
Saw Lincoln Park.
Went to Navy Pier.
Went to Millennium Park.
Saw the Bean.
Walked down Magnificent Mile.
Had Chicago style pizza.
Saw Lake Michigan.
Saw Willis Tower.
Stay in a hostel.
Added a state to my list.
And added a top five largest city to my list.

And while I was able to check off numerous things from my list, I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people.

As someone that doesn’t have much family left that I’m close to, I have an incredible chosen family. These people are my chosen family.

March is a rough month for, and spending time with these people make it easier.

I’m so grateful for my chosen family. I don’t think that they will ever know how much they really mean to me.

I’m thankful for the opportunities to take a break and recharge.
Last week provided that.

Slow down and take time to recharge. Enjoy your chosen family. They are the best people to have in your corner.

Thank you all for the endless laughs, the incredible support and love.

I am indeed blessed to call you all my chosen family.

Let’s road trip again soon.


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