You spend so much time holding onto it. Terrified of what lies on the other side of it. You’ve become so used to it’s presence, that you wonder how you could possibly survive without it.

You hold onto it because it’s safer that way.
You hold onto it because that’s all you’ve ever known.
You hold onto it because you’ve spent so much time pushing everything else away, that it’s all you have left.

That secret. The refusal to see the light that’s just beyond the horizon. The healing that’s waiting for you to come claim.

These are the things you’ve been holding so tightly to. These are the things that have made you almost unrecognizable to those who love you most.

Dear one, it’s time to release.

Secrets make you sick. Holding onto them kills you. Slow and subtle.

There is so much freedom, so much healing in that moment of release. It’s the most terrifying thing to experience. After all, you’ve spent most of your time holding it in. And now when you finally decide to release it, it hurts. It pushes back. It demands to be felt.

That’s the thing with pain. It demands to be felt.

So dear one, release it. All of it. Know that it will hurt. It will fight like hell to stay buried, but darling fight back. Feel it. Own it. Release it.

There is so much beauty waiting on the other side for you.

You deserve beauty.
You are beauty.

Walk in the freedom releasing brings.
I’ll be waiting at the beginning for you.


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