Grace Wins.

When you think back on moments of your life that were difficult to navigate, you rarely think fondly of them. You tend to remember how messy they were and how you vowed to never go through something like that ever again. Little things, like songs, can instantly take you back to that moment and leave you scratching your head. And the doubt begins to creep back in. You instantly remember every mistake you have made and the bad memories that led you there.

But there’s good news. The story doesn’t stop there. And here’s why:

Grace wins.

His grace has already overcome those things from your past and the things yet to come. It’s in our weakness that His strength is made known.

He’s got this covered friends!

Now, please don’t misunderstand me and think that this means you won’t ever struggle again, because you will. The good news is in the fact that you will never struggle alone again.

That’s the beauty of grace.

It doesn’t remove the struggle. But it does remove the aloneness of the struggle.

Your story, like you, is so incredibly beautiful. And it is far from being finished.

Rest in the fact that you are never alone in this. That this has already been covered.

You are worth the fight.


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