Just Breathe.

Being the Hope Line moderator for Project Semicolon, I talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. Sometimes people are texting in just to say hi, but more often than not it’s to ask for advice or inspiration.

And sometimes, we hit a lot of brick walls in our conversations.
Sometimes, I get really frustrated because I’ve learned that people are often reluctant to hear the hard truths that they need to.

And I can’t imagine the pain and frustration they are going through. And I would never want to diminish what they are going through. Because what they are going through is important. It’s important because they are important.

And the most important phrase I have in my go to bag of advice is to just breathe.

Things aren’t going to get better unless we take the time to just breathe.
We are more than these moments. You are more than the moments that are weighing down on you.

I encourage you to take a moment to just breathe.
You are worth happiness and health.
Own those words.

Just breathe.


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