Remembering to Dream Again.

Wednesday will be six months since I said goodbye to my mom.
In these past six months there have been a lot of moments I’d rather forget, but also plenty that I’ve been very thankful for.

It has always been a dream to be able to share my story with people. That’s why I started this blog. For awhile, I thought that was as far as this dream would go.
But in traditional fashion, God stepped in with multiple “Yay God” moments.
In the past two months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak not only at my home church, but also in Sallisaw and have been given the opportunity to write for a website that has helped transform and save lives.

Now all of a sudden, the dream of writing a book and speaking and sharing my story that I had all but given up on, has been given a new spark. I’ve began to distance myself from the people that haven’t believed in me or my dream. I’ve began to be more open to what He would have me do, and have found that being obedient has opened up doors that I never thought possible.

We were meant to dream.
We were meant to dream big dreams.

If someone has discouraged you from your dreams, I’m truly sorry.
I hope that you are reminded that your dreams are important and that they matter.
They are important and they matter because you are important and you matter.

I encourage you to pursue your dreams again.
I encourage you to surround yourself with people that will speak life into you and your dreams.

Keep dreaming my friends.


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