Being Mama Peach.

Mama Peach.
That’s one of many titles I wear around Refuge, but it is most certainly my favorite one.
There is nothing I love more than my little peach farm that I refer to as my baby peaches.

This group of eight or so students have found themselves attached to my hip.
I’m the one that they’ve connected with.
Mind you, more than just my peaches call me Mama Peach, and there are plenty of other students that I have connected with, but this smaller group is so special to me.

It’s no easy task, title or not, being a spiritual role model to students.
It’s definitely one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
And trust me, I don’t.

Many of them are broken kids looking for love and acceptance.
They come from broken homes.
They have broken pasts.
They desperately want redemption and renewal.
They want someone that won’t join the list of people that have given up on them.

I never want to be just another person that’s given up on them.

Is it hard sometimes?
Oh absolutely.
Most of the time actually.
But they make it so worth it.

Their brokenness matters.
Their pain matters.
It matters because they matter.

If I never utter another word to them, I want them to know how much they are loved.
That they are more than these moments.
That their mistakes don’t define them.

They are world changers.
They are the music makers.
They are the dreamers of dreams.

And I am infinitely blessed that God chose someone like me to dream dreams with them.

Being Mama Peach isn’t easy.
But it’s the best nickname I’ve ever been given.


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