The First of Many Firsts.

Fall is here.
This time of year is typically my favorite.
Decorating for holidays.
Baking and cooking for friends.
The crisp air.
Leaves changing color.
Seasonal scents at Bath and Body Works.

Fall was also one of my mom’s favorite seasons.
And now the realization that I’m transitioning into the first of many firsts without both of my parents.

As with seasons, we also go through changes.
Some of these changes are easy ones.
Many are not.

While I will still enjoy this time of year like I always have, there will also be a slight heaviness behind them from now on.
Decorating with my mom was one of my favorite things to do and this year will be the first of many that I decorate without her.

Holidays can be stressful.
The first holidays without our loved ones are often the most difficult.
I know that there will be some difficult moments in the months ahead.
But I’m glad that I know the One that holds those moments.
I’m glad that have friends to walk this road with me.

These firsts will come and go.
Eventually they won’t hurt as bad.

If you’re coming up on a season of firsts without a loved one, know that you aren’t alone.
These journeys are difficult enough on their own.
I’m always looking for company on mine.

You will make it through.
We will make it through.
One day at a time.
One first at a time.


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