Remembering the Stars.

In the almost two years that I’ve been here, I feel like there has been a constant dark cloud that had hovered over me.
I’ve been living in its shadow, afraid to step out from the behind the comfort I’ve found within it.
It’s been one storm after another.
No sense of calm.
Just the occasional eye wall, where you know that eventually the chaos will be back.
It’s just a matter of when the next wave will come crashing in.
It’s such an exhausting way to live.
And along the way, I lost sight of the stars.
I forgot them.

My focus was no longer in looking up, but in looking around.
When we fail to look up, we not only lose sight of the stars, we lose sight of ourselves.
And it’s not until we realize that we’ve lost sight of ourselves that we can begin to find ourselves again.

Stars never leave us.
They are always there.
They can often get lost in the dust and the storms, but they are still there.
Sometimes we just simply forget to look up.

We let the storms of life cloud up the whole picture.
But storms have beginnings and they have endings.
Your storm won’t last forever.
They lose energy and they dissipate.
But stars outlast storms.
Even in the storm, they’re still there.

I pray that you remember to look up.
I’ve started to remember again, and it’s a beautiful feeling.

It’s hard to be so sure about something you can’t see, but you know is there.
I know the stars are still there, even when I can’t see them.

Much like with our Father.
It’s hard to trust in His sovereignty when we can’t see him.
But I know He’s there.
Even when I can’t feel Him, He’s there.

He has not forgotten us.
He has not forgotten you.

He is more constant than the stars.
Stars will fall.
He will not.

Remember to look up.
Look past the dust and the storms.
The storms are still there.
He is still there.


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