Hope Whispers.

It’s what sees us through the dark.
It’s what we cling to in order to remind ourselves that better days are ahead.

In it’s simplest form it’s the feeling of wanting something to happen and thinking that it could happen.

But what happens when we can no longer feel it?
What about when the worst things happen?
When your entire world collapses.
What then?

What about when the noise of life gets so loud that we can no longer hear hope calling out to us?
What do we do then?

What is our foundation built on?

Is it in the idea of hope?
In the idea that things will one day get better.

Is it in the struggle we find ourselves in?
The crippling depression.
The family that’s falling apart.
The God that seems so far away.

We allow these things to become the supreme truth in our lives.
That’s what defines us.
That’s what we build our lives on.

The answer to who we are becomes more about what we’re going through at the time instead of the child of the risen King that we are.
Instead of owning the fact that all of these struggles and all of the pain has already been defeated, we identify as depressed, lost, abandoned.

We allow our lives to become so cluttered with so much noise, that we lose sight of the calling placed on our lives.
It’s easy to let the noise take over.
Trust me.
I’ve spent most of this summer doing just that, but let me tell you, it’s miserable.

We were, we are called to be so much more.

It’s so easy to just isolate ourselves and tell ourselves that we aren’t worth it, but those are nothing but lies.
People need other people.
You are worth it.

You are worth it.
Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need to hear it.
Repeat it until you believe it.
Have people in your life repeat it until you believe it.
Do whatever it takes until you believe it.
Write it on a post it note and put it on your mirror.

Understand that hard times are going to come.
Your world will fall apart before your very eyes at some point.
The worst thing will happen.

But where will your foundation lie?
In the lies that you have believe all these years?
Or in the hope that Jesus has already overcome the world?

Life can get messy.
Really, really messy.
And it’s so incredibly easy to want to just succumb to the noise and to the chaos.
But we were called for something better.

We don’t have to walk through life alone.
We weren’t created for that.
We were created for community.

You don’t have to do this alone.
You have people that will fight with you, and fight for you on the days that you can’t fight.
You deserve that.

Life is a perfectly imperfect story that is written one day at a time.
I’m so thankful to have so many people that have willingly decided to write in mine, especially on the days where I couldn’t write anything.

Every story has a plot.
But not every story has a plot twist.

Will you let yours have a plot twist, where suddenly the light begins to break through the darkness?
Where the loudness and the chaos is suddenly silenced.
Where you no longer let the chaos and confusion consume you.

I pray that you find hope again.
That you realize it never left you.
It’s always been there.
Even in the midst of all the chaos, it’s been there.
It’s here right now.

It’s that small whisper reminding you to not give up.
Your whisper may be in a different form than mine, but it’s still there.
It may become hard to hear sometimes.
It may get lost in the shuffle.
You may wonder why it doesn’t just scream louder over the chaos.
But hope wasn’t meant to scream to be heard.
Sometimes it can be hard to hear it, but if you listen carefully, you’ll find it.

Hope is always there.
Always whispering.


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