Not For a Moment.

After all, You are constant.
After all, You are sovereign.
Not for a moment will You forsake me.

This song resonates so much with me right now.
After finding myself with an untimely and disheartening break from being an intern for the time being, its been incredibly easy to feel defeated and to feel abandoned.
This song serves as a beautiful reminder that I haven’t been.

This post is one that I started working on back in October, long before this break came to pass. It’s funny how the Spirit can prompt us to write or read something that doesn’t make sense in the moment.

Have you ever felt alone?
Like absolutely alone.

The isolated feelings that can come from facing challenges and life sometimes leave me feeling like I’m in some tremendous void that no one even remotely understands.

And in those moments, it becomes incredibly easy to forget about God.
But He has not forgotten about us.

Are you currently, or have you ever gone through some really difficult situations?
Situations where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Situations that leave you speechless.
Situations that make you feel like God is as far away from you as He possibly could be.

Where it didn’t matter how much or how hard you and others were praying, you felt like God was completely silent.
Where your emotions get the best of you and loneliness and abandonment start to set in.
You know deep down that none of this is true, but you still can’t shake it.

Reading in Psalm 77:7-9, the writer was at the end of his rope and pleading for God to intervene.
He asked why God had rejected him.
Did God even care about what he was going through?

Maybe right now, God seems so far away and you start to wonder if He’s forgotten you.
We’ve all experienced moments like these.
There are countless reasons in this world that leave us feeling rejected and broken.

But when we feel like God is the one rejecting us – it really hurts.
When we have these feelings of being forgotten, we have two choices: We can either turn away from Him in anger and frustration. Or we can allow His truth to motivate us to recognize His sovereignty, and to continue to trust Him, even in the midst of our difficulties.

If we’re feeling rejected, we need to turn our focus upward rather than inward.
Instead of mulling over all the ways God hasn’t changed our current situation, we should praise Him for the many times He’s shown faithfulness to us in the past.

It’s difficult to offer our praise when we feel forgotten by God, but it is in our faithfulness that we will find His.
It’s in our brokenness that His glory is made known.
Sometimes we have to step outside ourselves and simply trust.
It’s in those quiet and still moments of complete surrender, that we find Him.

He has not forgotten us.


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