At a crossroads..

As my previous post mentions, this past weekend was probably one of the best ones I have had in a very long time.
And on several different levels.
But currently, the one that sticks out the most with me would be the ways in which I encountered God over the weekend.

I was raised in the Church of God-Anderson, Indiana movement.
I was taught a specific way of doing “church”
This is what was done, this is what wasn’t done.

I am currently a youth intern at First Assembly.

Completely different in a few aspects of doing “church”.


Some examples:
AG believes very strongly in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that the first sign of that is speaking in tongues.
They also believe that as a result of that, you also have gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as words of knowledge, healing, etc., and that these things are available to any believer.

CHOG-Anderson believes that baptism of the Holy Spirit is a spiritual gift.
That it isn’t available to all believers.
And it is something that is never taught about or preached on.

I went to a CHOG-Anderson college and in my freshman Foundations of Ministry class, my professor stood in front of the class and passed out a spiritual gifts test for us to take and began to go over it with us.
As we were reading through it he told us that he knew which two gifts we were all looking at and unsure of: speaking in tongues and the interpretation of tongues.
He proceeded to tell us that in the 30+ years that he had taught this course he had never had a student ever score anything in either of those categories and that he didn’t expect any of us to either because we were all from CHOG-Anderson churches.

And that was that.
All she wrote.

Over this past weekend, I was part of worship services that have literally changed me.
Friday night, 19 people were healed of various things.
Myself included.
The group from CFNI came forward and all had words of knowledge that God had spoken to them and shared them with those of us there, and one of them was exactly what I had been dealing with: right knee pain.
I stood where I was at and two friends of mine came and prayed for me and I was healed.
And it blew my mind!

Later that night, as I was being dropped off at my apartment, a friend got out of the car and came up to my doorstep as I was unlocking my door and spoke a word of knowledge over me.
I didn’t think too much of it, other than it did apply to my current situation.

Saturday after 20 Camp training, a group of us went to Arby’s to go eat before that nights service started.
As we were sitting there talking and sharing stories, I found out that one of the guys that was helping with camp this summer had a very similar story to mine in dealing with self harm and attempted suicide.
It’s not too often that I come in contact with people that share that experience.
Later that night during service, that same person came up to me and asked to pray with me.
He began to speak a word of knowledge over me that was almost identical to the one spoken over me the night before.

Mind officially blown at that point.


I grew up with none of that.
Where worship was very structured and almost no room for the Spirit to come in and take over and lead the service.
Now, I’m right in the middle of a church that does.
And I’m experiencing things that I never had before.

I can recall a few services or camps/conventions both while in high school and in college where I lifted my hands in worship, but never before in my life as a believer had I become so consumed by God to where I got down on my knees in worship.
Partially because of my previously injured knee, which the night before had been completely healed.
And mainly because that’s just not how we did things at Eastside.

And so now I find myself at a crossroad.

I feel like I’m right in the middle of these two very different ways of doing things.
And I have so many questions.
And I want to grow in this new way.
But I’m not so sure on how to go about it.


It’s hard to grow in something if you don’t know what it is.
And that’s where I feel like I’m at..


So now begins the journey of finding out what all of this is and what it means.
And how it applies to where I feel like I’m at.

So now I will begin sharing a new journey with all of you.
Both are uncharted waters.

But both are exciting.

Much love to you all.


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