March is an interesting month..

I say that because it’s typically a hard month for me.
This Tuesday, the 19th, will be 11 years since my dad passed away.
Eleven years.
That seems like an eternity.
And in a way it is.
There have been so many changes in my life from the time I was 13, until now.
And most years, I spent March 19th dwelling on the past and everything that was missed out on and the things that would be missed.

But I think finally, I’m in a place where instead of dwelling on the past, I can look forward to the day that I get to see my dad again in the presence of the Almighty and I can’t help but smile.

Life changed in an instance.


But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned is that it’s okay to not be okay.
And it’s okay to be okay.
And I’m thankful for the people in my life that remind me of that.


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